PocketCandy 1.1

Fancy a screensaver on your Pocket PC?

One of the types of program you really can't do without on your Pocket PC is a screensaver manager.

It's true that with TFT screens, there is not much danger of 'burning' an image onto the screen like there is with CRT based monitors. But this doesn't change the fact that it's good for your Pocket PC to have a screensave that runs while it's in its cradle.

PocketCandy is a screensaver manager that lets you decide when you want a screensaver to run on your PocketPC. It includes 18 different screensavers.

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PocketCandy 1.1

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    Candy not found!.
    I've installed Pocket Candy in order to manage my screen savers and install The "Matr...   More